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The Difference Between Milling Machine, Planer, Drilling Machine And Boring Machine
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The difference between milling machine and planer 

Milling machine: It is used to milling the workpiece with milling tool. Milling Machine In addition to milling plane, groove, gear, thread and spline shaft, but also the processing of more complex surface, more efficient than planer, in the machinery manufacturing and Repair department has been widely used. Planer: A linear motion machine for planing a plane, groove, or forming surface of a workpiece with an planer tool. Using planer machining, the tool is simpler, but the production rate is low (except for long and narrow plane), so it is mainly used for single piece, small batch production and mechanic shop, which is often replaced by milling machine in mass production.

According to the structure and performance, planer is mainly divided into shaper bed, gantry planer, single arm planer and specialized planer (such as planing the edge of large plate cutting machine, planing punch and complex shape workpiece planing machine) and so on. The shaper bed is named after the shape of the Ox head, and the planer is mounted on the turret of the RAM for longitudinal reciprocating movement, and is used for cutting various planes and grooves. The planer is named after a gantry-type frame structure composed of a top beam and a column, the work table with the workpiece through the gantry frame for linear reciprocating movement, many for processing large plane (especially long and narrow plane), also used to process the groove or processing several small parts of the plane. Large gantry planer often with milling head and grinding first-class parts, so that the workpiece in one installation after the completion of planing, milling and grinding plane and so on.

Single-arm planer with a single column and cantilever, the table along the bed guide for longitudinal reciprocating movement, many of the processing width is large and do not need to be machined throughout the width of the workpiece. The movement of the cutter or workpiece as a reciprocating line, and the workpiece and the tool are used as the intermittent feed movement perpendicular to the main movement.Commonly used planer has: Shaper bed, double planer and single arm planer.

The difference between drilling machine and milling machine 

 A drilling machine is a lathe that mainly uses a bit to process holes on a workpiece. Usually the drill is rotated primarily, and the drill is axially moved into feed motion. The drilling machine is simple in structure, relatively low in processing precision, can drill through hole, blind hole, replace special tool, can expand, hole, reaming or tapping and other processing.

Milling machine is a milling tool to the workpiece milling process.

The difference between boring and milling machine

The working principle and the nature of the boring machine are similar.

The rotation of the cutter is the main movement, and the movement of the workpiece is the feed motion. The boring machine is used for processing the long pass hole, the large diameter step hole, the hole of the large box part on the different position.

Because of the high rigidity of the cutter and boring bar of the boring machine, the straightness, cylindricity and position of the hole are very high. Milling machine can also be boring, but the processing range is small, precision is also low.

Milling machine is used for plane, forming surface, groove and other processing. Rocker ARM Drill is a highly efficient hole machine, because its spindle can be in the processing range of fast arbitrary movement, and workpiece fixed.

Therefore, the processing of large box parts of different positions in the hole, screw holes, etc., high efficiency.

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