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The Development Course Of Grinder
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The 1730s, in order to adapt to clocks, bicycles, sewing machines and firearms and other parts hardened after processing, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States have developed the use of natural abrasive grinding wheel grinder.

These grinders are ready-made machine tools such as lathes, planer, such as the installation of grinding head on top of the restructuring, they are simple structure, low stiffness, grinding is easy to produce vibration, requires the operator to have a high skill to wear a sophisticated workpiece. The universal cylindrical grinder, produced by American Brown-Sharp in 1876 at the Paris Exposition, is the first machine to have the basic characteristics of a modern grinder. Its workpiece head and tailstock are installed on the reciprocating Working table, the box bed improves the rigidity of the machine tool, and has the inner circle grinding accessory.

1883, the company made grinding head mounted on the upright column, worktable for reciprocating movement of the surface grinder. Before and after 1900, the development of artificial abrasives and the application of hydraulic transmission, the development of the grinder has a great role in promoting. With the development of modern industry, especially the automobile industry, a variety of different types of grinder have come out successively.

For example, at the beginning of 20th century, successively developed the planetary cylindrical grinder, crankshaft grinder, camshaft grinder and piston ring grinder with electromagnetic chuck. The automatic measuring device began to be applied to the grinder in 1908. By the 1920, centerless Grinder, double end surface grinder, roll grinder, guideway grinder, honing machine and ultra precision machining machine are made use successively. The 50 's has also appeared the high-precision cylindrical grinder which can be used for mirror grinding. The late 60 showed a high speed grinder with a grinding wheel line speed up to 60~80 m/s and a large cut deep, Slow feed grinding surface grinder; In the 70 's, the microprocessor based digital control and adaptive control technology has been widely used in the grinder.

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