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Research Of Machining Center In China
- Jun 27, 2018 -

China from 1958 to Tsinghua University and Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, and so first began the first research CNC Machining center, until the middle of the 1960s is still in the research and development period. After the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of the Beijing Institute has developed a BSO3 economic numerical control technology and BSO4 full function CNC system. Then the Aerospace Department 706 developed the MNC864 numerical control system, which promoted the development of China's numerical control technology, making the CNC machine tools in China have a new leap in performance, type and level.

At this time, China's CNC machining Center has entered a new stage of development. After entering the 21st century, China's economy and international integration, entered a new era of rapid development. Although the production of CNC machining centers in China is growing rapidly, the quantity of imports is still very strong. China's machine tool manufacturing industry is facing the WTO, the fierce competition in the international market, but also has a mechanical manufacturing also raised the level of demand for the development of manufacturing equipment to develop a good opportunity. Speeding up the development of NC Machining Center is a key factor for the continuous development of machine tool manufacturing. With the large demand of NC machining center and the rapid progress of modern design technology, the application scope of NC Machining Center is still expanding and developing continuously, which is more suitable for modern production and processing. Therefore, China should be based on market demand and development trends, and actively promote the high efficiency, precision as the core of the CNC machining center of the "Um" level project.

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