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Manufacturing Technology And Means Of Cylindrical Grinder
- Jun 27, 2018 -

In recent years, the domestic CNC cylindrical grinder product research and development efforts in increasing, the results of a number of bright spots. But we must also soberly see that there are still large gaps in reliability and precision stability. 

This has nothing to do with the lack of good manufacturing processes and means, lack of "delicate", can not achieve "precision sustainable". Many domestic enterprises have mentioned a high degree of attention to technological innovation, enterprises have the proportion of patented technology is also upgrading, but the innovation technology from stand-alone manufacturing to industrial development, the real realization of high-grade CNC cylindrical grinder domestic high reliability and precision stability, manufacturing process innovation is essential to support. However, at present, we seem to have a clear lack of understanding of the status of manufacturing technology to support technological innovation, there is a phenomenon of heavy design and light technology. 

Investment in manufacturing and assembly process research and process optimization to meet high reliability and stability is far less than the input of product development, and the state in many project settings also showed a heavy design, light technology phenomenon, objectively also affects the level of domestic high-end CNC machine tools to upgrade. In recent years, many cylindrical grinder enterprises have increased the intensity of technological transformation, the purchase of updated equipment, even at the expense of expensive imports of high-grade CNC machine tools. But the good equipment is only the foundation, but also must have the good craft method to do the support, has "understands" its craft personnel through the reasonable cutting parameter, the craft design realizes the good manufacture. Therefore, the key core process technology heritage and innovation, can ensure good design, can produce good results. The lack of technological innovation, to a large extent, restricts the reliability and accuracy of the overall improvement of the level of maintenance.

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