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Development Status Of High-grade CNC Machine Tools At Home And Abroad
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The United States, Germany and Japan in the world today in the research, design, production and application of CNC machine tools, the most advanced technology, the most experienced countries. The characteristics of the United States are: the Government of the machine tool industry, the United States Department of Defense and other departments continue to put forward the direction of development of machine tools, scientific research tasks and adequate funding, and recruit the world's talent, especially pay attention to "efficiency" and "innovation", the importance of basic research. Haas Automation is one of the world's largest CNC machine tool manufacturers, in North America, the market share of about 40%, all machine tools are entirely in the United States, California factory production, with nearly hundred models of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, turntable and sub-scale. Haas is committed to creating more accurate, repeatable, durable, and reasonably priced machine tool products.

German CNC machine tools in the traditional design and manufacturing technology and advanced technology based on the continuous use of advanced electronic information technology, in the strengthening of scientific research on the basis of their own innovation and development. Germany CNC machine tools supporting parts, machine, electricity, liquid, gas, light, cutting tools, measuring, CNC systems and other functional components in the forefront of the world in quality, performance. On behalf of the largest Gantry machining center is the highest level of German Wadrich Col fort (Waldrich COBURG) products, the domestic north of a machine tool used is the German Wadrich Col Fort Technology.

The Japanese Government encourages scientific research institutions and enterprises to vigorously develop CNC machine tools by planning and formulating regulations and providing sufficient research and development funds. In the machine tool parts matching, Japan study Germany; in the development of numerical control technology and numerical control system, studying the United States, improving and developing the achievements of the two countries has achieved great success. Japanese machine tools should also be known to the world for precision manufacturing in Japan.

Domestic products and foreign products in the structure of the difference is not small, the use of new technologies are similar, but in advanced technology applications and manufacturing technology level with the world advanced countries still have a certain gap. New product development capability and manufacturing cycle can not meet the needs of domestic users, parts manufacturing precision and machine precision maintenance, reliability needs to be greatly improved, especially in with large machine tools supporting the CNC system, functional components, such as knife library, manipulator and two-coordinate milling first-class components, but also need to meet foreign manufacturers. The domestic large-scale machine tool manufacturing enterprise's manufacturing ability is very strong, but is big but not fine, its main reason or the processing equipment backwardness, the numerical control rate is very low, especially lacks the high precision level processing equipment. At the same time, domestic enterprises generally have a lack of independent innovation ability, because the large machine tool single piece small batch market demand characteristic, decided to the technical innovation request is higher.

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