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Development Status Of CNC System At Home And Abroad
- Jun 27, 2018 -

After sustained research and development and innovation, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries have mastered the basic CNC system leading technology.

At present, in the field of numerical control technology research and application are mainly two camps: one is to send that branch (FANUC), Siemens (Siemens) as the representative of the professional CNC system manufacturers, and the other is Yamazaki (Mazak), Demagi (DMG) as the representative, self-developed CNC System of large-scale machine tool manufacturers. 2015 Fanuc launched the series Oi model F Numerical control system, advanced with high-end models 30i series of "seamless" integration, with the automation requirements of the workpiece handling control new features and the latest increase in operating rate technology, enhanced cycle time to shorten the function, and support the latest I/O network-I /olink.

Mazak proposed the new manufacturing concept-smooth Technology, based on the Smooth technology of the seventh generation CNC system Mazatrol Smooth x as the hub, to provide high-quality, high-performance intelligent products and production management services. Smooth x CNC system with advanced hardware and software, in high feed speed can be high-precision processing of many surfaces; graphical interface and touch screen operation user experience is better, even the complex five-axis process, through simple operation can modify The built-in application software can quickly match the equipment parameters for the operator according to the actual processing material and processing requirements.

DMG's Celos system simplifies and accelerates the process from conception to finished products, and its Applications (CELOSAPP) enable users to display, digitally manage and document machine tool data, process flow, and contract orders, as easily and intuitively as they do with smartphones. The Celos system can integrate the workshop with the company's high level organization, lay the foundation for the continuous digitization and paperless production, realize the network and intellectualization of the CNC system.

Although domestic high-end CNC system compared with foreign in the function, there are still some gaps in performance and reliability, but in recent years, the Central China Numerical control, Aerospace numerical control, Beijing Electromechanical Institute, Beijing Precision carving and other units in the multi-axis linkage control, functional integration, networking, intelligence and openness and other fields have also made some achievements.

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