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Development Direction Of Lathe
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The application of numerical control technology not only brings revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, but also makes the manufacturing industry a symbol of industrialization, and with the continuous development of NC technology and the expansion of application field, it plays an increasingly important role in the development of some important industries (it, automobile, light industry, medical treatment, etc.) Because these industries need the equipment digitization already is the modern development tendency.

The current CNC lathe presents the following development trends.

1 High speed, High precision 

High speed, precision is the eternal goal of machine tool development. With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading speed of electromechanical products, the precision of parts processing and surface quality requirements are increasingly high. In order to meet the demand of this complex and changeable market, the current machine tool is developing rapidly in the direction of high speed cutting, dry cutting and quasi dry cutting, and the machining precision is also increasing. On the other hand, the successful application of electric spindle and linear motor, ceramic ball bearing, high precision large guide hollow inner cold and ball nut strong cold low-temperature high speed ball screw and linear guide with ball retainer, etc, also provide the condition for machine tool to high-speed and precise development. The CNC lathe adopts electric spindle, cancels the belt, belt wheel and gear and so on, greatly reduces the moment of inertia of the main drive, improves the dynamic response speed and the working precision of the spindle, and solves the vibration and noise problems of the belt and belt wheel when the spindle is running at high speed. The use of electric spindle structure can make the spindle speed to reach more than 10000r/min. The linear motor has high driving speed, good acceleration and deceleration characteristic, excellent response characteristic and following precision. By using linear motor as servo drive, eliminating the transmission gap (including the reverse clearance), the movement inertia is small, the system rigidity is good, the precision positioning at high speed can be eliminated, thus the servo precision is greatly improved. The linear rolling guide pair, because of its each direction clearance is zero and very small rolling friction, small wear, heat can be neglected, there is a very good thermal stability, improve the whole positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. Through the application of linear motor and linear rolling guide, the rapid moving speed of machine tool can be increased from original 10~20m/min to 60~80m/min, even up to 120m/min.

2 High Reliability

The reliability of NC machine tool is a key index of the quality of CNC machine tool. Whether numerical control machine tool can exert its high performance, high precision and efficiency, and obtain good benefit, depends on its reliability.

3 CNC lathe Design CAD, structural design modular

With the popularization of computer application and the development of software technology, CAD technology has been widely developed. CAD can not only replace the tedious drawing work, but also can carry out the design scheme selection and the static and dynamic characteristic analysis, calculation, prediction and optimization design of the large machine, which can simulate the dynamic simulation of the whole work parts. On the basis of modularization, we can see the three-dimensional geometric model and vivid color of the product in the design stage. CAD can also greatly improve the work efficiency, improve the design of a success rate, so as to shorten the trial cycle, reduce design costs, improve market competitiveness. The modular design of machine parts can not only reduce repetitive labor, but also quickly respond to the market and shorten the product development and design cycle.

4 Functional composite 

 The purpose of functional recombination is to further improve the production efficiency of machine tools, so as to minimize the auxiliary time for machining. Through the function of the complex, can expand the use of machine tools, improve efficiency, to achieve a single machine, more than one machine, that is, a CNC lathe can realize turning function, can also achieve milling processing, or in the milling machine can also achieve the grinding process. Baoji Machine Tool Factory has developed a successful cx25y CNC Milling Complex Center, the machine also has X, z-axis and C-axis and y-axis. Through the C axis and the Y axis, can realize the plane milling and the partial hole, the trough processing. The machine is also equipped with strong power turret and secondary spindle. The secondary spindle adopts inner-Tibetan electric spindle structure, and the main and auxiliary spindle speed can be synchronized directly through the numerical control system. 

The machine workpiece can be fully processed at one time and the efficiency is greatly improved.

5 intelligent, networked, flexible and integrated 

The 21st century CNC equipment will be a certain intelligent system. The intelligent content includes various aspects in the numerical control system: for the pursuit of processing efficiency and processing quality of intelligence, such as the process of adaptive control, process parameters automatically generated, in order to improve driving performance and the use of connectivity intelligent, such as Feedforward control, motor parameters of the adaptive operation, automatic identification of load automatic selection model, Self-tuning, simplifying programming, simplifying the intelligent operation, such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent Man-machine interface, and intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring and other aspects of the content to facilitate the diagnosis and maintenance of the system. Networked numerical control equipment is a hotspot of machine tool development in recent years. The network of numerical control equipment will greatly meet the needs of production line, manufacturing system and manufacturing enterprise for information integration, and it is also the basic unit of realizing new manufacturing mode, such as agile manufacturing, virtual enterprise and global manufacturing. The development trend of NC machine tool to flexible automation system is: From the point (CNC stand-alone, machining center and CNC Composite Machine tool), line (FMC, FMS, FTL, FML) to the Surface (Section workshop independent manufacturing Island, FA), Body (CIMS, distributed network integrated manufacturing system) direction development, On the other hand to pay attention to the direction of application and economic development. Flexible automation technology is the main means for manufacturing industry to adapt to dynamic market demand and rapid updating of products, which is the mainstream trend of manufacturing industry in various countries, and is the basic technology in advanced manufacturing field. The focus is to improve the reliability of the system, practical as a prerequisite for easy networking and integration as the goal, focus on strengthening the development and improvement of unit technology. CNC single machine to high precision, high speed and high flexibility direction. CNC machine tool and its components flexible manufacturing system can be conveniently connected with CAD, CAM, Capp and MTS, and develop into information integration direction. Network system to open, integrated and intelligent direction development.

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