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Development And Evolution Process Of Surface Grinder
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Surface grinder is one of the most evolving potential machines in the machine tool category, through which we develop our own characteristics of technology and products.

So, what is the development and evolution process of surface grinder? First, from the control, more than 70% of the numerical control type, has a single axis, biaxial and three-axis CNC, up to five axis control, in particular, more than 400 of the large specifications of models, all for the numerical control type.

Due to the development of the technical level, it has changed from the traditional plane mill to the forming mill, and the conventional control has been difficult to realize the function requirement. 

Second, from the functional point of view, more than 50% of the flat grinding is not only for horizontal plane processing, but also to shape, step, cut, fast jitter, three-dimensional space curve, such as surface grinding, reflecting the flat grinding machine tools in the evolution of the largest potential of a model. Third, from the specification, to small flat grinding.

The width of the table under 200mm almost accounted for 50%, small size machine tool transportation and exhibition is more convenient; foreign flat grinding is not common, precision, high-precision precision grade, relatively small size machine tools, precision is easy to do very high. This shows that the surface grinder is gradually changing in the development, its function more comprehensive, more perfect performance, more in line with the needs of contemporary development.

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