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Current Situation Of NC Machine Tool Technology
- Jun 27, 2018 -

CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment is the "machine tool" in the equipment manufacturing industry, and the technical level and product quality of a country's lathe is an important symbol to measure the development level of its equipment industry.

--"2025" Made in China

Machine tool as the main equipment of the current mechanical processing industry, its technical development has become a symbol of the development of domestic machinery processing industry.

CNC machine tool is the manufacturing equipment industry, is the advanced production technology and military modernization of strategic equipment. High-grade CNC machine tool is a high-speed, sophisticated, intelligent, composite, multi-axis linkage, network communication functions such as digital CNC machine tool system.

High-grade CNC machine tools as the world's advanced machine tool equipment representatives, its development symbolizes the country's current machine tool manufacturing industry for the world's machine tool industrial development of advanced stage, so the international five-axis CNC machine tools and other high-end machine tool technology as an important symbol of the industrialization of a country. High-grade CNC machine tools on the basis of traditional CNC machine tools, can complete an automated production line of work efficiency, is the development of science and technology products, and for the country this is the machine tool manufacturing industry in essence a kind of progress.

High-grade CNC machine tools set up a variety of high-end technology in one, applied to complex surfaces and automated processing, in aerospace, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, high-precision, military, medical equipment industry, such as a variety of fields in the manufacturing sector has a very close relationship. "Made in China" "2025", the CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment as "speed up the breakthrough strategy of the Field", which proposed to strengthen the forward-looking deployment and key technical breakthroughs, and actively plan to seize the future technology and industry competition manufacturing points, improve the level of international division of labor and discourse rights.

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