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Use conditions of CNC lathe
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The normal use of CNC lathe must meet the following conditions, the machine is located in the position of the power supply voltage fluctuations, ambient temperature less than 30, the relative temperature of less than 80%.

Environmental requirements The position of the machine tool should be away from the vibration source, direct sunlight and heat radiation should be avoided, and the influence of damp and airflow should be avoided. such as the machine near the vibration source, the machine should be set around the vibration-proof ditch.

Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, will make the electronic components contact bad, failure, affect the reliability of the machine tool.

Power Requirements General CNC Lathe installation in the machining workshop, not only the environmental temperature changes, the use of poor conditions, and a variety of electromechanical equipment, resulting in large power grid fluctuations. Therefore, the installation of CNC lathe position, the need for a strict supply voltage control. Power supply voltage fluctuations must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable.

Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of CNC system.

Temperature conditions The ambient temperature of the CNC lathe is less than 30, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. Generally speaking, the numerical control electric control box inside has the fan or the air cooler, in order to maintain the electronic components, especially the central processing unit working temperature constant or the temperature difference change is very small. Excessive temperature and humidity will lead to lower life of the control system components and lead to more failures.

Increased temperature and humidity, the increase in dust will be in the Integrated circuit board to produce bonding, and lead to short circuit.

Standardize the use of machine tools Users in the use of machine tools, the control system is not allowed to change the parameters set by the manufacturer. The setting of these parameters is directly related to the dynamic characteristics of the machine parts.

Only the value of the gap compensation parameter can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Users can not change the machine tool accessories, such as the use of the hydraulic chuck specified in the specification. When setting up the accessory, the manufacturer fully considers the matching of each link parameter.

Blind replacement results in the mismatch of the parameters of various links, even resulting in an estimated accident. The use of hydraulic chuck, hydraulic turret, hydraulic tailstock, hydraulic cylinder pressure, should be in the allowable stress range, do not allow arbitrary improvement.

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