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Milling Machine Weekend maintenance Operation range
- Jun 27, 2018 -

First, clean 

  1. Remove and clean the felt roofing mat;2.

  2. Wiping the sliding surface and guide surface, wiping the worktable and transverse, lifting screw, wiping off the driving mechanism and knife tool;

  3. Wipe the corners of the department.

Second, lubrication

  1. Clean the oil holes and add lubricating oil; 

  2. Each guide surface and the sliding surface and each silk rod filling lubricating oil;

  3. Check the transmission tank body, oil surface, and refueling to the elevation position.

Third, twist tight 

  1. Check and tighten the plate and insert screws; 

  2. Check and twist the slider fixed screws, knife drive mechanism, handwheel, worktable bracket screws, fork top wire;

  3. Check the other parts to tighten the loose screws.

Forth, Adjustment 

  1. Check and adjust belt, plate and insert bar tightness suitable;

  2. Check and adjust the slider and wire rod.

Fifth, Anti-corrosion

  1. Remove the rust of each part, protect the spray paint surface, do not collide; 

  2. Stop, spare equipment guide surface, sliding wire rod handwheel and other exposed to rust-resistant parts of the oil coating.

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