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Main structural features of surface grinder
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Main structural features

1) Kronk degree of high stability of the bed body

The whole granite structure is used in the bed, because the granite has the characteristics of high damping, small vibration and good thermal stability, which can ensure the high rigidity and high stability of the grinder.

2) Worktable 

The work surface adopts the whole granite structure, and develops a high rigidity and high precision large plane closed hydrostatic guide on the basis of the traditional closed hydrostatic guide, in order to realize the large stroke, steady and reliable reciprocating movement of the worktable. The worktable is driven by Siemens Linear motor, at the same time, in order to prevent the motion of the linear motor influence Mesa, the independent Static pressure guide is designed for linear motor.

The motion state of the Mesa is controlled by the Heidenhain grating system, which ensures the high accuracy and fast response of the worktable.

3)Column, Sliding seat and Crossbeam 

Can be controlled due to heat-induced deformation of the machine tool, columns and beams made of granite. The transverse displacement sliding seat of the grinding wheel is placed on the fixed beam and the vertical moving plate of the grinding wheel frame is placed on the transverse displacement slide seat. The transverse displacement and the vertical movement all adopt the Siemens servo motor Direct drive high precision ball screw to complete, heidenhain the grating position feedback. The transverse displacement slide block and the guide rail of the vertical motion drag plate also adopt the Hydrostatic guide. In addition, a micro feed mechanism is equipped on the vertical moving plate, which can realize the 0.1μm of the grinding wheel frame. A unloading device (unloading beam) is arranged on the front of the crossbeam in order to reduce the weight of the wheel frame slide and the beam deformation caused by transverse displacement.

It is used to bear most of the weight of the sliding seat of the grinding wheel, and realizes the movement synchronization of the unloading device and the wheel lateral displacement sliding seat through the heidenhain grating position feedback, thus minimizing the influence of the beam deformation on the grinding process.

4) Grinding Wheel Rack

A wide range of rotational speed, high rigidity and high precision grinding wheel hydrostatic spindle system are developed to realize the high rigidity and high precision rotary motion of the grinding wheel.

The wheel shaft adopts liquid hydrostatic bearing support, Siemens built-in spindle motor, cooling liquid forced cooling spindle motor, wheel spindle equipped with grinding wheel balancing device, the supporting management control program can continuously monitor the situation of grinding wheel in the cycle and compensate the possible unbalance immediately.

5) Measuring System

 Machine tool equipped with laser interferometer as the processing accuracy of the in-situ measurement system, through the machine table movement and measuring the lateral movement of the drag plate, so that the lens of the laser interferometer can scan all the processing area.

When the machine tool is grinding, the measuring beam can move beyond the machining range. Ultra-precision large size optical glass surface grinder is a key equipment for ultra precision machining with international advanced level, which is researched and developed in view of important needs of national optical engineering industry. The successful development of the project can realize the high-precision, high efficiency grinding of 450x1200mm optical glass, the workpiece flatness can reach 3μm, greatly shorten the subsequent grinding and polishing time, can meet the laser weapons, aerospace and other fields of ultra-precision large-scale flat glass demand for large quantities, for China's astronomical science, The development of national key engineering and military equipment is of great significance, and will further promote the technological breakthrough of manufacturing equipment in optics and laser field in our country, and enhance the core competence and innovation ability in the related fields.

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