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- Jun 27, 2018 -

Optical glass is a general designation for the fabrication of optical elements (lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc.) in optical instruments or mechanical systems. Optical Glass has a stable physical and chemical properties and high optical uniformity, and good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in laser technology, optoelectronic Communications, aerospace and defense industry, and so on, has become the most advanced technology in the application of one of the most active materials. With the development of science and technology, the modern optical industry has put forward high precision and demanding demand for optical glass. From the aspect of precision, optical glass has the advantages of high surface precision (ra≤0.1μm), low surface roughness (ra≤12 nm) and less surface crack, etc. in terms of demand, for example, the optical glass required by Laser fusion devices (national ignition

Facility, NIF's optical system uses more than 7,000 large aperture optical elements (aperture greater than 400mmx400mm). Because optical glass has the characteristics of high hardness and brittleness, it is very easy to produce surface defects and sub surface damage in the process, which belongs to the typical refractory materials. Its super smooth surface forming technology and high efficiency and low cost processing technology have become an important topic in the field of defense science and technology, aerospace, electronic information and so on. Ultra-precision grinding is the best way to achieve super smooth surface for hard and brittle materials such as optical glass. Therefore, the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and other industrial developed countries, optical glass and other hard and brittle materials, ultra-precision grinding technology research is very active, has developed advanced high-precision high-precision grinding machine for hard and brittle materials ultra-precision processing technology research, and related scientific research has been applied in the field of national defense and civil industry.

In recent years, the research on ultra precision grinding equipment and technology of optical glass and other hard and brittle materials has been classified as a key funded research content. H402-az CNC Special Surface grinder is "high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" science and technology major special topics "ultra-precision large size optical glass surface Grinder" products, specifically for large-scale planar optical glass parts, such as laser (neodymium) glass,

The research and development of ultra precision and large size plane grinding machine is the key technology in the design and manufacture of fused quartz, which provides the basis for ultra precision grinding process of optical glass materials and application in production.

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