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ZHENGZHOU TIMEWAY MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD. is a professional machine tool supplier.

Main Products

Our product mainly cover conventional lathe, CNC lathe, CNC oil country lathe, vertical lathe, milling machine,, etc.

Honor of Timeway

The largest machine tool manufacturer in central China;The National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise,etc

Scale of Timeway

The factory occupies more than 500 acres, built domestic advanced production lines, a total of more than 600 sets of advanced equipment.

Motto of Timeway

Satisfy clients, satisfy ourselves

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Milling Machine was the first horizontal milling machine created by American E. Whitney in 1818. In order to mill the spiral groove of the twist Drill, the American J.R Brown created the first universal Milling Machine in 1862, which is the embryonic form of the lifting table mil